No More Chunky Monkey

height: 5'0
highest weight: 126.0
current weight: 119.8
1goal weight 115.0
2nd goal weight 105.0
UGW: 100

December 8

breakfast: oatmeal 200

lunch: lolipop 60

dinner: cheese stick 50

yougurt: 100

a bunch if veggie chips :(((((((( balhhhhhhh 200

mehh today went good at first but i need some advice, how do you guys keep from snacking?

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#thinspiration  #pro ana 
  1. tastelikethinfeels answered: drink warm drinks. they help fill you up. green tea is a good option, because it has no calories. :]
  2. llammusere answered: It’s actually healthier to have small snacks throughout the day, just keep them healthy! It prevents you from binge eating on big meals.
  3. zoyanarval answered: try snacking on pickles/apples/carrot sticks/celery with vinegar/mustard/fat free dressing - fills you a bit and satisfies need for taste
  4. autumnmaybury answered: i just drink green tea :)
  5. skinnyisthegame answered: chew gum or drink a TON of water
  6. rockinstaar answered: water. more water. gum AND water. cigarettes. pictures of people thinner than you… celery burns calories.
  7. revealingvictoria answered: drink lots of water! and remember that to get the “perfect” body, you need to excerise too and eat right !
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